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Frequently Asked Questions

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With My Business Coach, will I be able to start my own business?

That’s the goal! ProfitCannon Marketing LLC provides key information, tools and expertise needed to confidently create, launch and grow your own business.

I am a novice about starting or running a business, is My Business Coach a good resource for me?

Absolutely. ProfitCannon Marketing LLC would be a tremendous asset to the novice business owner and entrepreneur, our business resources are far reaching beyond just business basics, covering topics and providing valuable tools and knowledge for every level of business ownership.

Why would I want to purchase a subscription versus making a one-time purchase?

We understand subscription-based services are not for everyone, however there are many benefits to maintaining active membership and a subscription is a great way to prevent a lapse in your membership and save some money too.

How long is a typical virtual coaching session?

Coaching sessions vary from client to client, depending or their availability and specific needs.  Some clients utilize all of their purchased coaching time in one session, while other clients break up their bank of purchased coaching hours into multiple sessions, as the need arises.

Do purchased Coaching Sessions expire?

No. Once you have purchased your first session. We will help schedule your other sessions. Note: You never lose a session if you don't use them. They will roll over into the next month.